I know how Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby – Panel – Sandi Metz, Joe Leo, Justin Shultz, Li-Hsuan Lung


This is part 2 of our panelist series discussing the seminal book Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby by Sandi Metz. This time Sandi joined us to give her take on the book, it’s history, her goals while writing it. Together the panelists discussed how good software practices relate to good businesses, what to watch for when you are looking for a new place to work and how to actually transform your codebase.

00:00 – Introductions
04:19 – If you had an organisation that really wanted to improve the quality of their code, how would you guide them?
16:11 – How would you justify the costs & quantify the benefits of agile development
29:00 – How would you look for a company that follows good software practices when you are looking for work?
36:55 – Does Practical Object-Oriented Design replace 99 bottles or is good to read both?
46:47 – What are your opinions on service objects in general? are there some “smells” when organising code like this?”
53:54 – What are your thoughts on domain driven design in rails?
1:04:00 – Panelists, are there good examples in Open Source that separate that business logic from Rails?
1:12:40 – What would you do in case a Rails project has many mocking tests that are hard to change?
1:27:45 – Thank you everyone

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